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Whakahounga ki Links Avenue Papa rāhui

Links Avenue Reserve improvements

We’re proposing some enhancements to Links Avenue Reserve to support the growth of football across Tauranga, now and into the future.

Project overview

Football continues to be one of the fastest-growing sports in Tauranga and across the Bay of Plenty region, which is why we need to invest in future facilities to sustain the popularity of this sport.

Links Avenue Reserve, located at 93-125 Links Avenue in Mount Maunganui, is an active reserve that has been identified as an ideal location for this investment through an independent feasibility study. We’re proposing investment in artificial turf fields and accompanying enhancements to Links Avenue Reserve.

These enhancements, and how we use Links Avenue Reserve into the future, are being considered within the broader context of all our other reserves, parks, recreational and aquatic centres. This work forms a holistic view of our connection with the community and sports organisations to make our community spaces better and maximise the spaces we have available.

What’s proposed

The proposed establishment of artificial turf fields at Links Avenue Reserve aims to address the growing demand and constraints the regional football community faces due to limited available field space and increased competition for usage. Artificial turfs are best suited to this increasing demand due to their ability to withstand high usage volumes across seasons and weather conditions. These turfs also effectively increase the field's capacity without requiring additional physical space.

The project focuses on creating a solution that accommodates existing football needs, contributes to talent development programs, and promotes community engagement. We are driving this change to overcome the shortage of available field space and enhance the capacity for all football activities.

How will the community benefit from these proposed changes?

  • Increased capacity: Artificial turf fields will allow higher utilisation throughout the year, accommodating more football activities and engagements.
  • Efficient use of space: The project maximises the existing reserve's potential without requiring additional land, making it a sustainable and resource-efficient solution.
  • Promotion of growth: By addressing existing deficits in training and competition hours, the project supports the development of future needs of football.
  • Enhanced talent development: The consolidated talent development programs can better nurture young football talent, potentially leading to enhanced success at regional and national levels.

Why it’s an important space

Links Avenue Reserve currently hosts the Mount Maunganui Dog Training Club and is also home to Tauranga City United AFC.

Council continues to work closely with those directly affected, including the dog and football clubs who utilise the reserve. We are listening to their concerns and questions and keeping them informed prior to making any decisions.

Next steps

We continue to work with key stakeholders regarding the proposed changes for Links Ave Reserve. Dependent upon progress, the next steps will likely involve detailed planning, design, and construction phases, securing funding and obtaining any necessary approvals.

If we gain the necessary support, funding and approvals, construction is estimated to take around 16 months. It’s anticipated construction would be complete by mid-2025.

Key information

Project type
Health and wellbeing
Parks and Recreation


Mount Maunganui/Arataki

Key dates

  • Active Reserve programme on Council meeting agenda

    4 September 2023
  • Ongoing stakeholder engagement 

    Mid 2023
  • Securing approvals, funding, detailed planning, design

    Late 2023 – early 2024
  • Construction underway

    Early 2024 – mid 2025

Who's listening

Community Relations Team
Tauranga City Council 
07 577 7000

Want to find out more?

This project is part of the work we are doing to make our active reserves and community spaces better.

Active Reserves Master Plan

Other ways to get involved

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