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Parton Road roundabout

Whakahounga kōpae ara ki Parton me Tara Rori

Parton Road and Tara Road roundabout safety upgrade

To make the Parton Road and Tara Road roundabout safer for everyone, we're adding upgrades to improve safety for people walking or cycling, and school children.

Historically a thoroughfare, the area surrounding the Parton Road/Tara Road roundabout is transforming, with more shops and a growing number of people living nearby. More people on the move on foot or by bike is adding to existing issues with speed and people (often school children) crossing the road.

To improve safety for people walking or cycling, and school children in the area, we have installed signalised, shared crossings on all four roads entering the roundabout. This will help create a calmer, safer environment for all road users.

Community update

Construction is now complete, and as soon as tests for the electrical set up are run and approved by PowerCo, the lights will be activated. We urge people to take extra care in the area until the lights are operational.

  • People crossing at the roundabout should give way to vehicles. Digital signs in the area will remind motorists to drive with care.
  • We also ask people to be courteous when using the sections of shared paths at the roundabout. Additional line marking and signage to remind people to ‘share with care’ is yet to be installed. 

We are looking forward to delivering the completed safety improvements and appreciate your continued patience with this work.

Parton Road crossing

The new raised crossings at Te Okuroa Drive.

What has been done

As part of this project, four signalised shared crossings with centre islands were installed on all four legs of the roundabout; Tara Road, Parton Road North and South and Te Okuroa Drive. The work also included:

  • Relocating the Tara Road bus stop and adding a new bus shelter
  • Installing CCTV cameras
  • Installing drainage, new kerbs and channels
  • Installing traffic islands, footpaths and cycle ramps 
  • Landscaping, adding low-level planting.

What does this mean for commuters?

When not in use, the new raised shared crossings will slow traffic down which increases safety in the approach of the roundabout. Once lights are activated, traffic will stop for thirty seconds at a time, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely. These changes provide safer travel options for everyone, including people walking, cycling and school children in the area. We anticipate a minute or two will be added to drivers’ overall journey time at times.

For people cycling, scootering, busing or walking to work or school via the area, this should help you get to where you’re going more safely.

Parton Road - Tara Road Roundabout

Parton Road roundabout plans (1.35mb pdf)

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The area around the Parton Road/Tara Road roundabout is growing rapidly - residential development is scheduled at Pāpāmoa Junction, while at the same time we’re seeing growing offering in retail shops, health centres and medical offices in close proximity.

This means we need to anticipate an increase in people walking or cycling in the area, which adds to existing issues with speed and people (mostly school children) crossing the road.

Changes here are outpacing the construction of the Pāpāmoa East Interchange, which is scheduled to be complete early 2026. 

With additional residential development in the area, adding to existing challenges around speed and people crossing the road, it’s important we improve safety for people walking, cycling and school children sooner rather than later.

A small number of minor accidents have been formally reported in the area. However, reports from people working in the area consistently refer to observing dangerous situations involving speeding cars and people crossing the road on a very regular basis. In the last year, a student was hit by a car but thankfully not seriously hurt.

Knowing that more people will live here and want to move around, exacerbating these existing issues, we need to act before more serious accidents happen. 

Once activated, a red light for traffic and the window for people crossing takes approximately 30 seconds. Sensors are installed however, to extend that time if a person needs more time to cross.

There is not enough room for a foot bridge. It also wouldn’t be a viable solution on all feeders roads of the roundabout.

Key information

Project type
Transport and movement


Pāpāmoa / Pāpāmoa East

Key dates

  • Detailed design

    September 2023
  • Procurement of contractor

    Early October 2023
  • Start of construction

    Late October 2023
  • Work complete

    February 2024

Who's listening

Transport Team
Tauranga City Council 
07 577 7000


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